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Tunnel Vision (diptych)

These paintings explore the idea of memory and sentimentality. In a world that changes swiftly all around us there is a tendency to hold onto something of the past to keep ourselves grounded and centered. But our nostalgia is deceptive, as memories also change. They morph with different events and fade with time, until they appear more like a foggy dream rather than a lived experience. With these paintings I try to depict a memory in motion. One that is changing as the result of external forces but hasn’t yet been completely lost.


This tapestry inspired work was created as an experiment with depicting imagery solely with the use of cut-up and collaged fabrics. Mirage depicts landscapes and architecture from old analog photographs taken in India. The red warm tones of the earth are transformed to turquoise blue in the photonegatives, represented through the use of a cut-up embroidered dress. The abstracted shapes hover above the surface allowing for movement with the slightest breeze.

The Overgrowth (diptych)

This digital painting diptych started out as an experiment with layering and inverting a single photograph onto itself multiple times in photoshop. The original image depicted a willow tree hung over, with its branches submerged in a lake. The image featured unique organic shapes and lines from the branches that were abstracted by the reflections of the water. Through the experimentation, a humanoid figure appeared in the branches.