The Overgrowth (diptych)

This digital painting diptych started out as an experiment with layering and inverting a single photograph onto itself multiple times in photoshop. The original image depicted a willow tree hung over, with its branches submerged in a lake. The image featured unique organic shapes and lines from the branches that were abstracted by the reflections of the water. Through the experimentation, a humanoid figure appeared in the branches. 

The Butterfly Effect

The Butterfly Effect series developed by accident though a series of experiments with an initial close up photograph of a plant. Through these experimentations the original photograph transformed into a series of abstract digital paintings. The original digital paintings that developed were Initial Conditions - Elements Cyan/Red (Alt.) and Elements Red/Cyan (Alt.).

They were created by repeatedly inverting and layering the original image resulting in unintentional posterization. The loss of detail, abstraction, and colour change transformed the original photograph into imagery so unrecognizable that the best way to describe them was no longer as photographs but rather as paintings. 

In chaos theory, the butterfly effect refers to the idea that one small change to the initial conditions of a system may lead to a series of seemingly random, unforeseen consequences. The development of this digital paintings series was not planned for me. I could not foresee how it would continue to grow beyond what was initially just a simple photograph of a plant. The humanoid butterfly that appeared through the experimentation was equally unexpected, but a welcomed surprise, as it so adequately and symbolically represented the process that took place to create them. 

This series of digital paintings is seemingly endless. Any subtle change in colour could result in a new collection of paintings. As an experiment instead of changing the colouration again to get a new result I decided to see what would happen if I merged the two collections together. This experiment resulted in the creation of The Butterfly Effect - Hybrid.

After the initial collection of digital paintings, The Butterfly Effect - Dominant Cyan, Dominant Red, and Combination (Cyan/Red, Red/Cyan), a new collection emerged. 

A simple change in colouration from the original Initial Conditions created Initial Conditions - Elements Blue/Yellow (Alt.) and Elements Yellow/Blue (Alt.). And from them created The Butterfly Effect - Dominant Blue, Dominant Yellow, and Combination (Blue/Yellow, Yellow/Blue).